Tonya, Your Personal Trainer

Tonya Betz has spent most of her life involved in fitness related activities. Her heart for people has driven her to apply her knowledge and passion of diet and exercise by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer.

As a Christian, Tonya approaches fitness from a different angle than some personal trainers. Though her methods and knowledge may be similar, her drive comes from wanting to see those around her be at their best, not only for themselves, but for God.

...a healthy lifestyle is essential when seeking to be a good steward...

Tonya's heart is to see health in the lives of those around her so that they can be good stewards of all that God has given them. She believes that a healthy lifestyle is essential to good stewardship.

"When your body is unfit," Tonya says, "you spend countless hours seeking medical professionals, spending unknown amounts of money on prescriptions, and gas (not to mention the hours of missed work) that you could be giving to the causes that are close to your heart. Also, you are unable to be at your best for your family, your friends, and your service. If that isn't enough, your lifestyle may rub off on those around you."

It is because of this that Tonya desires to continually refine her knowledge of fitness and nutrition, to equip her clients with the tools to carry out a long and healthy life.

Read her philosophy on Stewardship.

Certified Personal Trainer

Tonya is certified through the AFPA (American Fitness Professionals & Associates) with the credentials of Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Post-Rehab Exercise Specialist. Proof of certification is available upon request.

As a three sport varsity athlete (volleyball, basketball, and softball) at Parkrose High School in Portland Oregon, and a two sport athlete (basketball and softball) at Simpson College (University) in Redding California, Tonya has had the opportunity to train in multiple settings, with various techniques and coaching. Her personal determination gave her the opportunity to secure a starting position on her college basketball team, receive 1st Team All Conference Honors, and to take part in the NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association) National Women's Basketball Tournament.

Both during and since college, Tonya has helped to coach summer basketball programs, Christian camp activities programs, and also served for three years as a high school youth leader and mentor.

Because of the nature of personal training, Tonya has restricted in-home sessions to women and children. She does not believe that it is appropriate for her to train men in this setting (exceptions may be made for families choosing to train together).


*Fitness results will vary from person to person.